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PCOD and PCOS Symptoms, Causes & Treatment at Yashoda IVF

परिचय: (Introduction)

For women with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and polycystic ovary disorder (PCOD) are common disorders that affect their reproductive health. These problems commonly impact women’s fertility and mental well-being. Here in this blog, we explore the symptoms of PCOD, Cause of PCOD and PCOS, differences between PCOD and PCOS, and explore the best infertility treatment of these common hormonal disorders available, including the infertility specialists of IVF Treatment and top gynaecologists in Navi Mumbai from Yashoda IVF Fertility and IVF Centre.

Polycystic ovary disorder (PCOD) includes symptoms of irregular menstrual cycles, and hormonal imbalances, multiple cysts on the ovaries. PCOS, is a more complex hormonal disorder that includes symptoms of excess androgen levels, irregular periods and cysts on the ovaries. Both the conditions result in Fertility issues and other health complications for women if left untreated.

Symptoms of PCOD and PCOS:

  • Irregular periods or no periods.
  • Excessive hair growth on the face, chest, or back (hirsutism).
  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight.
  • Acne and oily skin or dandruff.
  • Thinning hair or hair loss on the scalp (alopecia).
  • Darkening of the skin, especially in skin folds.
  • Insulin resistance symptoms of increased hunger and fatigue.
  • Difficulty getting pregnant (infertility).
  • Mood swings, anxiety, or depression.

Some women may experience very minor issues, while others find that they significantly complicate daily lives.

Causes of PCOD and PCOS:

The cause of PCOD and PCOS involves Hormonal Imbalance, particularly elevated levels of androgens (male hormones) such as testosterone.

Insulin Resistance:

Insulin resistance, a condition where the body’s cells don’t respond effectively to insulin, is commonly associated with PCOD and PCOS. This can lead to increased insulin levels and higher androgen production by the ovaries.


It plays a vital role in development of PCOD and PCOS. Women with a family history of these conditions are at high risk.

Lifestyle Factors:

women who are following poor diet, lack of exercise, and obesity can lead to hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance, increasing high risk of PCOD and PCOS.

Differences Between PCOD and PCOS:




Ovarian Cysts

Multiple Cysts on Varies

May or may not involve Ovarian Cysts

Androgen Levels

High Level of Androgens like Hirsutism and Acne produced

Produced with less cause of Hirsutism and Acne, compared to PCOD

Metabolic Syndrome

Low risk of developing Metabolic Syndrome

High risk of Metabolic syndrome involves obesity, insulin resistance, high blood pressure and Abnormal Cholesterol

Fertility Issues

PCOD effects with Infertility problems

PCOS affects women more strongly with ovulatory dysfunction and difficulty conceiving

PCOD and PCOS Treatment at Yashoda IVF:

1 . Lifestyle Changes:

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, stress management, and adequate sleep, can help improve symptoms and regulate menstrual cycles in women with PCOD and PCOS.

2. Medications:

Hormonal contraceptives, anti-androgen medications, and insulin-sensitizing drugs may be prescribed to regulate menstrual cycles, that reduces androgen levels, and improve insulin sensitivity.

3. Fertility Treatments:

For women struggling with infertility due to PCOD or PCOS, fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) may be recommended. IVF treatment involves retrieving eggs from the ovaries, fertilizing them with sperm in a laboratory, and transferring the embryos into the uterus.

4. Surgical Interventions:

In cases where ovarian cysts are large or causing severe symptoms, surgical removal of the cysts (ovarian drilling) or in extreme cases, removal of the ovaries (oophorectomy) may be necessary.

The PCOD/PCOS-Friendly Diet

Focusing on whole foods that are minimally processed, as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables, can help individuals manage their symptoms and feel better.

Getting Pregnant with PCOD

Fertility can be a significant concern for women with PCOD. Understanding the complexities and treatment options can lead to more informed decisions and better outcomes.

Fertility Treatments and PCOD

From lifestyle changes to medical interventions, the spectrum of treatments available for women with PCOD who aspire to conceive is as broad as it is promising.

PCOD and PCOS Treatment at Yashoda IVF

At Yashoda IVF Fertility and IVF Centre, concentrate on providing individualized treatment that address the unique requirements of every patient. They are expert in providing best Infertility Treatment in Navi Mumbai which they identify each case thoroughly and provide PCOD and PCOS treatment, since every person experiences differently. This approach includes medication, dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and if required surgical procedures.

Technology role in Treatment at Yashoda IVF

At Yashoda IVF Fertility centre, their PCOD and PCOS treatment approach is the utilization of cutting-edge technology instruments and techniques. This dedication to using technology to its fullest potential not only improves treatment outcomes but also greatly elevates the patient experience, resulting in a more comfortable and manageable path to health and fertility.

निष्कर्ष: (Conclusion)

PCOD and PCOS are complex hormonal disorders that should be treated by analysing the individual issues thoroughly and providing Infertility treatment for each patient. By understanding the symptoms, causes, and differences between these conditions, and seeking the expertise of qualified best Infertility specialists in Navi Mumbai.

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