Support services:


 In these services we offer complete blood and urine test facilities.  Apart from this we have health check up packages with us.


  • Modern ultrasonography machines are available.
  • Transvaginal and transabdominal scanning can be done in the  hospital
  • Scanning  the reports of the pregnant women for birth defects
  • Colour Doppler


  • We impart counselling services to our patients. Couples feel hopeless after years of trying far conception. So we assist them with through counselling and care. Diagnosis and assurance is given to the couple .Treatment offered helps them relieve from the stress of being childless couple.
  • Counselling to relive anxiety is done. Our hospital staff has the expertise to give necessary treatment. With care and love the couple feel relaxed.
  • We provide psychological support to the couple.  Mental health is proportional to physical health. If the couple is relived from the stress then certainly they will respond to the treatment guaranteed.
  • We specialize in the stress management so we teach the relaxation techniques to the stressed couple.
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