Pregnancy is the next step to life. It is definitely a special moment in one’s life. This is significant change in the life of the couple. It is the joyous moment for the family. Pregnancy news brings in lot of excitement in mind of the couple. New doubts and challenges come up in the lives of the couple. We are there to assist you in every step of the pregnancy. The personalized assistance by our staff will certainly help you to make the moment more joyful.
At Yashoda IVF centre, the expertise of our team helps you to get into the joyous moment of your life. We have renowned infrastructure and provide world class facilities to our patients. Transparency in our deeds helps the patients to build trust in us. At our centre the results to the treatment are guaranteed so we hope you enjoy the joyous journey of bringing a new life in your family.


We welcome you to our centre. Schedule wise visit to the hospital helps to get better results. We ensure that antenatal care given to our patients goes on smoothly. Each and every step is handled with utmost care to give precise results. Depending on the tests and test reports the schedule of the patient is decided. These tests are based on the intentional norms of the good standards. Proper care is give during the pregnancy and child birth to the couple. Every test is carried carefully so that pregnancy is fruitful in each case. Sonography is followed by blood test and scheduled follow-up visits. Every schedule is arranged meticulously to rule out any irregularities during pregnancy. Once you are registered with us, you are in safe hands. Our staff will take care of your appointments and will help you to enjoy this precious moment of your life.

1st Visit: For registration of Pregnancy

Blood Investigations: ANC Profile, TSH
6-8 Weeks:  USG (Ultra-sonography) early obstetrics is done in  this early pregnancy stage as it is a critical phase.
11-13 Weeks: Down’s Syndrome Screening is done during this period:

1) NT Scan

2) Double Marker.
18-20 weeks:At this stage detailed screening is done. So a blood test is carried to rule out Fetal Anomalies:

1) Anamoly Scan

2) Quadraple Marker (Down’s Syndrome Screening)

26 weeks: Blood Test is done to rule out Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)

28 weeks: Blood test: CBC, fasting & 2 hr PP blood sugar & urine routine is done.

34 weeks: For a High Risk / Precious / IVF Pregnancy:

1) Fetal Doppler is done.

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