This step gives us a clear picture of the causes of infertility. The couple is taken to the discussion table and each and every aspect is discussed with our expert panel of doctors. The diagnosis of infertility can be done by carrying out certain tests on the couple separately.

We are happy to help from Monday- Saturday between 10am-10pm. Our pathology department will carry out tests in this time frame .It is suggested to call us up a day before to register your appointment.

Male :

Semen Analysis :

The Embryologist will analyse the semen sample of the husband for infertility cause if any. For this, it is advised to have 3-5 days of abstinence before the procurement of the sample. Spermicidal jellies and condoms need to be avoided during the production of the samples. The name, age, date and time of the procurement of the sample needs to be mentioned on the container. The sample needs to be submitted to the laboratory within 30 mins of production. This analysis will specify the semen count, motility and morphology in the sample. In case of doubt do speak to our fertility expert.

Infection Screening :

It is mandatory to do the following tests.

HIV I and II :


Anti HCV :


Apart from this hormonal tests are done on the male to rule out the possibility of hormonal imbalance.


Hormonal Blood Tests :

LH :
Prolactin :

Infection screening :

It is mandatory to do the following tests.

HIV I & II :
HBsAg :
Anti HCV :
Rubella IgG :

Folliculometry :

The size of the follicles is measured by the pictures procured on the sonography machine.



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