Dr. Balasheb Khadbade is a registered fertility specialist, dedicated to practice the ART and provide superior care to all couples. He has an amazing experience in gynecology endoscopic surgeries, ART, and maternity care. His hard work and dedication have proved to be successful for him while he treated more than 1000 couples for conceiving. He is always willing to make time for his patients providing both medical expertise as well as emotional support.

The clinic is equipped and always upgraded with all the recent state-of-art equipment required to provide world class facilities to all couples at a very affordable rate. The IVF lab is maintained with strict sterility to ensure excellent success rate, with the latest equipment. All endoscopic surgeries are recorded. Maternity care runs 24x7, with24 hour care taken by experienced staff.

Our Motto

"NOW everyone can have a baby...!"

dr Balasaheb Khadbade
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