Male and female unite to give birth to an offspring. However this has specific process wherein the frequent intercourse is necessary. Intercourse usually twice a week over a period of one year will help in conceiving a baby. In ability to conceive is a raising issue these days, blame it to modern lifestyle but this can be taken care off with these fertility centres. 30% of couples conceive in their first month however the result can vary with the other side of population. The range of population is 90% of the couples .This means a normal couple takes up to two years to get pregnant. At around 10 to 15% of couple seek medical attention to get rid of infertility. A detailed stepwise assistance will let the couple survive all the odds of the infertility.


Infertility is an issue which is rising in the modern society. It has proved to be distress in a couple. The United Nation suggested that reproductive health is equality important as the physical health. Reproductive health is the gives an overview picture of the physical and mental and social well being. Infertility is a growing menace across the world. Blame it to the increased pelvic infection, postponement of the child bearing age of the other and paradigm shift of the focus to career then family for women. This clearly reflects that one is seven couple seek treatment for infertility. Since 1960, scientist have experimented a lot to get treatment fertilization done outside the human body. Initially the experiments were conducted on the rats and rabbits however later on they successful to get first test tube baby in the rabbits. However human species got its first test tube baby in Oldham, England in July1978. Now there are amore research in this aspect are going on however lot of ethical questions arise in this. Way back in 80`s lot of opposition was faced from the feminist group and some religious organisation. Pro life organization and feminist groups emphasise on the moral status of the early human embryo however the public opinion across Britain and Australia suggested that with a more specified purpose the human embryo research should proceeded further. This would help the couples to relieve their dreams of having there baby.

Indian Perspective:

ICMR suggests that out of 1000 million pollution 13 to 15 million population can have infertility issues anytime in there lifetime. As per the documents India had its first test tube baby in 1986 in Mumbai. The name given to the baby was Harsha. ASRM, ESHRE and IFFS are the scientific societies have given guidelines for the safe practise of the ART. Based on similar guidelines ICMR has developed the guidelines related to IVF technique. It actually states the necessary requirement of IVF clinics, essential qualification of IVF team, procedures and precautions to be taken.
Dr. Dr. Balasaheb Khadbade at the Yashoda hospital is the best doctor in India this hospital is specialized for the best IVF techniques. The guidance and expertise of the our professionals help to give wings tao the dream of having complete family.

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