Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right time to consult for the fertility treatment?

The right time to consult the doctor is when you find out that the conception process is having problem then just call up the fertility doctor and fix an appointment. Without much delay get help from the doctor and get the relevant tests done immediately. Your fertility doctor will let you the right process of conception and after knowing the correct diagnosis to the fertility issues. After 35 years the fertile phase in women starts diminishing so if you have conception issues then seek medical intervention.

What are the causes of infertility?

Ovulation factor can contribute up to 30% in infertility, tubal and other factor can contribute to 20% in the infertility. Infection in the men can also contribute to the fertility however the chances are at around 30% to it. However lot of unexplained factors contribute to this.

What are the requirements to be pregnant?

The pregnancy requirement is simple however regular intercourse is need. Apart from this the favourable factor for conception are a health sperm from the male partner, healthy egg from the female partner and the healthy space of the female genital tract of the fusion. Fusion of the egg and sperm will help in embryo formation.
Infertility trend is rising day by day due to following listed reasons:
Modern lifestyle is to be blamed as the conception process is delayed for better career prospects. Apart from the diet and working style and stress has increased the frustration in the lives of the couples. Male infertility has increased day by day, due to sedentary lifestyle the obesity factor has roped in many other issues in the infertility. Increase in the percentage of the STD across the world is also a contributing factor for infertility trend. The infertility trend is growing in the younger population however it needs to be halted urgently.

What does infertility mean?

In efficiency to conceive in the fertile phase is termed as the infertility. Over a year if the conception in a couple is not seen after having regular intercourse then it is termed as the infertility.

What are the necessary lifestyle changes to be done for handling fertility issues?

To conceive efficiently the first and foremost change is to go to low weighing scale. Reduction in the weight in case of overweight individual is an important change and certainly will help in solving the fertility issues. Smoking and alcohol abuse should be halted then and there to solve fertility issues. Regular exercise will help to curb get into positive energy zone. Apart from this follow meditation closely to get relieved from the day to stress.

Are all types of treatment available of Yashoda IVF centre?

Yes, indeed we offer the best possible treatment to the patients. The patients are diagnosed and then after through counselling only the possible treatment is suggests by our experts to them. We have completed many of the families by providing them the child through our best possible techniques and treatments.

Which are the tests to done before undergoing the treatment for infertility?

First and foremost through counselling of the couple is done to get the correct diagnosis of the fertility issues. After that past medical history and examination of the couple is done. Initially the semen analysis of the male partner is collected and the test as are done on it. Simultaneously blood samples from the female partner are collected to check other issues. To be specific ovarian functionality is checked from the blood test of the female partner. Apart from this ultrasound is done to check internal irregularities of the reproductive system of the female partner. Routine check up of the uterine cavity, fallopian tubes and ovaries are done.

What are the treatment options available?

The treatment starts only after the correct diagnosis so the treatment options vary in several cases. Ovulation induction is one of the method in which the ovaries are stimulated to produce eggs. The egg production process starts due to the hormonal injection given artificially. IUI is another technique available; in this the sperms are deposited artificially on the uterus at the time ovulation. This method increases the chances of fertilization. IVF techniques is the most successful and famous technique available with us. This technique gives guaranteed results in most of the unsuccessful couples. In this the eggs are collected to be fused with the sperms directly outside the body. This means in vitro fertilization is done and embryo is develops however later on it is planted in the womb of the female partner to get normal baby. ICSI is the technique wherein the sperm is injected in the each egg to get an embryo. Than good quality embryo is transferred in the uterus of the female partner.

Is it necessary for a patient to be admitted to the hospital for fertility treatment?

Subject to each case the patient admission is done. However the patient can goes home within 4 to 6 hours.

What is the rate of success of the treatment?

The success rate depends on the complexity of the cases, however simple techniques like IVF gives 50 to 60% success.
If we have stay for long term treatment then will we get accommodation?
Fortunately we have enough accommodation to provide to the needy patients.
Are there any chances of having birth defects in the baby?
So far the results are good enough but to avoid such defects we go through high quality reproductive technique.

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