Dr Balasaheb khadbade MBBS, MD(OBGY) is a registered, fertility specialist, dedicated to practise ART & provide superior care to all his patients.

He has a very good experience in gynecology, endoscopic surgeries, ART & maternity care. His hardwork & dedication has helped him successfully treat more than 1000 couples to achieve successful pregnancies. He is always willing to make time for his patients providing both medical expertise & emotional support.

The clinic is equipped & always upgraded with all the recent state of the art equipment’s required to provide world class facilities to all couples at a very affordable rate.

The IVF lab is maintained with strict sterility to ensure excellent success rates, with the latest equipment’s.

All endoscopic surgeries are recorded for patients ease.

Maternity care runs 24*7, with 24 hours complete care by experienced staff.


Choosing the right Fertility Doctor : Selecting the right fertility doctor can help the couples having difficulty in conception, to get back their happiness,as they are the people who can perfectly direct you to the right kind of fertility treatment. A thorough research on the available fertility treatment should be done to get the best results out of it.

At Yashoda IVF centre, we have a set of experienced fertility doctors at your service. A team of the fertility specialist’s will help every couple to have a child. For this, a detailed treatment plan is discussed with the couple and the right step to parenthood is put forward. We have helped many of the childless couples and will be happy to serve you further.

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